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Welcome to my world.

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Hello everyone! Welcome to my world. A world filled with wonderment and chaos. The wonderment is for, wondering how we are going to pay the bills today? or Wondering what hell we are having for supper?

Black and white faces with different expressions, screaming, painful calm with a rainbow streak in the middle.
Chaos with rainbow sprinkles

Chaos is what the meaning of Chaos is: noun complete disorder and confusion. (Thanks Google 😉) This picture is a rough interpretation of me on a normal day. I have the rainbow in there for hope.

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For you see, out of all the wondering and Chaos, there has to be hope to pull you out of the depths. To remind yourself that it is just a moment in the day, morning, night, week, so on. There is more than this one moment. Remember, there is always a rainbow after the rain.

The places I have been and the people I have come to know, have tested me in these moments. The one thing I can tell you is, thank the universe I went through those moments. They have taught me the power of patience, the values of want in my life and what really is important to me for the way I want my life to be.

Picture of a drown house with red trim with bare landscaping
Home before it was home

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Here is an example: This is my home, not what I thought I would ever want in a home. I always wanted 2 stories Victorian house, blah, blah. This house is everything we need to live. We have no more children living at home and there is enough land to make a sufficient homestead. If I would have gotten that Victorian house, my knees would have killed me.

So the point of this personal blog post is to just share with you a piece of my world and how going through the depths of life to remember to have hope and also know everything is a learnable moment in your life.

Until next time.

Bright blessings,

Sarah Petrin

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