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Welcome to Sarah's Emporium, a small business witchy hippy gift shop that specializes in handmade and United States sourced goods. We are woman owned and operated, and we take pride in our unique selection of products. At our store, you can find everything from jewelry to herbs to home decor. 

We believe in supporting small businesses and ethical sourcing, and strive to create a welcoming and inclusive shopping experience. Come visit us and explore the wonderful and magical items we have in store.

Back story or I like to say, My origin story.

My journey started pretty early in life figuring out what I wanted to accomplish in it. Well, I look back and think so anyway. 11 years old and learning how to make jewelry, earrings specifically.Blossoming into a 15 year old dare devil, working with magik, without any proper training. Reading the Wicca books in the back of the library and Hot topic. 

Time had past and I was now a mother and a wife joining a group of like minded folks. I learned quite a bit from this stretch of my 20's Who to trust, who to leave behind and who will just use you for their own gain.  That's when the magic stopped, in a sense. I found myself looking towards meditation and yoga, solely. Now mind you, I still worked with herbs and making teas and medicine, but magik wasn't the same as it was before, to me. I started balancing my body and mind with yoga and meditation. That's when my world/ universe started to really show me my purpose. Then the world stopped. We started living in fear. What was going to happen next? 

So I left my managerial retail job and opened Sarah's Emporium. I felt we needed to have hope. We needed a place to be comfortable in our spirituality, no matter what the belief is. Amd we needed to smile. This store is more than unique items, it is a unique experience, a small community of like minded folks looking for guidance and cool unique gifts. 

So that's why Sarah's Emporium was born. During my own learning through life I have created unique jewelry, learned about my own spiritualty (which is still ever going) and found a community, through building this business, of wonderful folks like you. 

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