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Hello! Nice to meet you.
I am Crystal Daige 

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A little bio about myself

Crystal is a 200-RYT that teaches Vinyasa & Yoga Body Sculpt, Tai chi/Chi Gong, Marconic Energy Healing, Tong Ren Tapping.  Crystal loves how Yoga & Energy  creates inner serenity and harmony, and the balance between strength and flexibility is sweet. She genuinely believes it transforms you on a deeper level and inspires you to accelerate your life’s journey.

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Chair Yoga/ Chi Gong

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Chakra Healing

Energy Healing

Recalibration, Psychic Surgery

Available sessions @ Sarah's Emporium

Details About the Sessions

Chair/Qi Gong Yoga

Come stretch  and flow in this beautiful routine of yoga on a chair or standing, (your choice), and also incorporating Chi gong, which is an action form of movement for stress relief, balance of mind & body and move your own energy through your Meridian lines in your body.  An ancient form of connecting breath with energy with intentional movement. This is a form of meditation; helps with balance, sleep, blood pressure, and an all over sense of calm.  Dress comfortably-no equipment needed!


One time only, that is all you need for this energy healing. Raises your vibration to align with higher aspects of self.  Your chakras are uncapped, balanced & start to heal-dropping 51% of the karma & dropping density from your field.  Debris is pulled from your chakras so your body can align and heal. Your chakras expand and start operating as one.  Feel lighter as you consciously go higher & balance the energy in your body.  Once your chakras and etheric field start to heal, your physical body can heal.  Your mind and body connection become so strong.  Feel the peace and joy anchored in your physical body.  $190 1 hour
This is also like the chakra healing that you’ll only need one time ever.  This is done over 2days-Approximately one hour each visit.  Flooding your body and axiatonal lines with energy from the cosmos’s.  Raising your vibration, feeling the Pleiadian love & also releasing 51% of karma from your chakras (so you’re dropping and releasing, not accruing more) you are now on an infinite feed system) it opens and uncaps your chakras, so the debris can flow out and alternates the spin of the seven major chakras so one cannot get stuck or smudged, because the other one will pull it back into motion. It raises your vibration, helps you connect with your higher self’s above.  You’ll  always receive energy upgrades, pulling down magnetic & electrical  energy currents to keep raising and living in higher vibrations consciously.  It drops the fear factor -you do not have to live in the chaos or be part of it.  It accelerates your life’s path & helps you manifest faster.   You will feel people entrain to your higher vibration (therefore whoever you are in close contact with - working or living with it will also boost their vibration)helps you pull down aspects & versions of your higher self into your physical body &   when you’re aligned with this, it helps you heal physically, emotionally, & mentally. 
$333 for 2 days-1 hour each
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