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A Bit About Me, Sarah Petrin

As I travel through my life time, I have had one thing be a consistent drum beat in my soul and that is to help people. I started my spiritual journey young, really before I even knew what I was doing. Mystical adventures in the woods and seeing spirits (loved ones), as they say goodbye. Later in my youth I met a wonderful person, who gave me my first deck of Tarot cards and made my birth chart. Which in my chart said I would be a counselor of some sort (She said sex counselor, I don't agree with that part) I do believe in guiding folks and helping achieve balance and harmony with one's self. 

Years went by and I pickup Wicca again in my 20's. Banding with a group of equally interested folks, to slowly fade away from that scene. It was them, not me. I couldn't follow a path I didn't feel connected to in whole. But with the knowledge of herbs and energy play, I have been able to find a happy balance and harmony in myself, when it comes to my own practice and faith.


I will forever being learning and leveling up my IRL experience with healing tools and herbal studies. Here are some of my skills.

  • I have finished my herbal studies at Herbal Academy of New England April 2015, March 2022 and have been working with clients for over 4 years. Working on balancing your 'normal' status. 

  • Tarot readings with empathic insight

  • Reiki (Training still in progress)

  • Energy healing 

I also enjoy art, music and crafting. You can find a lot of my jewelry, craft and art in the physical store ​and sometimes in the online store.

The most important thing in life to remember, is to always find your humor and what brings you happiness. 

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