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Welcoming Ostara or Spring Equinox!

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

A purple flower called crocus has bloomed. Spring as started.
Crocus have risen

This is the time of year when the day and night are equal. The sun will shine for 12 hours and the night will be for 12 hours. This is also the time we celebrate the beginning of spring and the warmer weather (even if Mother Nature isn't on board).

Ostara comes into play has the Holiday on the pagan calendar to celebrates the coming of spring, new growth and fertility. Symbols that coincide with this holiday are: eggs, bunnies, seeds.

Starting seedling indoors

There are many activities your can do on Ostara. Here are a few:

I personally start my seeds around this time of year. Which means planning out my gardens and other growing areas.

Set up your altar to reflect the holiday and cool thing is your can leave it up through Easter!

Colors of Ostara are green, light blue, pink, white, yellow. (Think pastels)

Decorations you can add: Baskets, bunnies, eggs, chicks

Stones: Amethyst, Aquamarine, bloodstone, clear quartz, green moss agate, jasper, moonstone and rose quartz.

You can add flowers, budding branches (I have a pussywillow that is from an old Polish tale)

A witches altar setup for Ostara. There are eggs in a basket with pussywillows and bunnies everywhere

This is what my Altar looks like this year. i keep my staple items on here all the time and then change out the decor and stones for each new Holiday. It is pretty much whatever feels good for you. Not everyone is going to want eggs on their altar space and that is OKAY.

Other things you can do during this time of year are baking cross buns. This recipe has dried currants. I am not a fan, so I use raisins.


Color Eggs with natural ingredients:

Here is a chart with things you probably all ready have in your home.

Different foods creating dye for Easter/Ostara eggs.
Natural egg dye ideas


Last but not least Spring cleaning. (cause if your like me you didn't do much of that during Imbolc. We try, right?)

An image of Nurturals cleaning product for spring cleaning

Try using natural cleaners. I actually love these cleaners from Nurturals. They are a USA based company, that has 100% non-toxic, plant based, biodegradable ingredients. I used these 3 different products through out my shop. I would in my home, but I make my own cleaner there. Find out more about this product here:

You can also come by the Emporium and pick some up here.

We carry: Kitchen cleaner, Bathroom cleaner, All purpose cleaner and room spray in lavender.

Well guys that is all from me this Holiday. I hope you have a very wonderful Ostara and my you plant the seeds today for a bountiful harvest later.

Bright Blessing, Sarah Petrin

Enjoy your meditation moment. Invision those dandelion seeds taking your wishes and dreams off to be planted and in the near future your will be harvesting them. ~Namaste~

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