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Root and Sacral Chakras

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Black and white boho person with long hair sitting cross legged on a yoga mat with colors of the chakras in middle path of their body showing balance.
Boho chakra

Well here we are, starting at the bottom..ha ha. (yes I am funny) The chakras are made mainly with 7 energy points in our body. We are looking at the first two points this week. For the full Chakra review, please check out my previous blog post. here>

Image of the root chakra
Root chakra

The Root Chakra is at the base of our spine. It represents survival, basic needs, the will to live. All body parts affiliated with this chakra are: legs, bones, feet, rectum, colon, adrenal gland, kidneys. These body parts will be in some sort of distress if unbalanced.

How can you tell if you are out of balance in your root chakra? You will be feeling excessive negativity, greed and caring to heavidly for material things, fear and anxiety. Physically, you could be dealing with an eating disorder ( this is relating to both spectrums of the scope, over eating and starvation), constipation and lower back pain.

Okay now that you know what to look for when your Root chakra is out of balance. How do you get it balanced? Get physical. Yep. Go for a walk, do some yoga (stretching is great for energy release) Get dirty. Gardening and nature walks ,(where you scavenger hunt for things) make a gourmet meal. Do something that connects you to nature, brings you back to the Earth and the beginning survival traits of our ancestors.

Other ways you can help balance your Root Chakra is to meditate on being grateful for what you have in your life at this moment. Burn incense (something woodsy) this will help bring you into the state of mind of being outside and the Root Chakra's associated sense is smell. Wearing red and eating food with red in them, like beets, peppers, red cabbage, tomatoes, (so on) can also boost your Root Chakra. You can also do a rebalancing technique with red stones like red jasper or ruby, any red stone will work. I have found that black stones are also great for this Chakra, Jet, Onyx and Obsidian.

Image of the sacral chakra
Sacral chakra

The Sacral Chakra is above the pubic bone and below the navel. It represents emotions, creativity, sexuality, passion, expression of desire, enthusiasm and creative imagination. The body parts affiliated with the Sacral Chakra are: ovaries, testicles, kidneys, uterus, lymphatic system. These body parts will be in some sort of distress if unbalanced.

How can you tell if you are out of balance in your Sacral Chakra? You will have the inability to express emotions, inner conflict, instability and depression. Physically, you could be dealing with: tension and sexual problems (this could be in the forms of: not being able to perform, not intrested or overly active sextual drive)

Okay now that you know what to look for when you Sacral Chakra is out of balance. How can you get this chakra back into balance? Get deep, into your emotions. Start writing in a journal. How are you feeling? What are you insecurities? Have a heart to heart with a loved one or friend. Seek out professional help, like a counselor. They are great for bouncing off ideas to . Counselors are unbiased and tend to not be judgemental. Anyway you can air out your emotions, instead of bottling them up, is helpful. The same goes for intimate

/sexual issues. Talk it out with your partner, doctor and/or even a therapist. Eating orange colored foods like, oranges, carrots, apricots, peaches, mangos and pumpkin. Wearing orange colored clothes can help boost this chakra. You can also do a rebalancing technique using stones like moonstone, amber, citrine, and orange calcite.

Person laying down with corresponding gemstones on each placement of the chakras
Chakra alignment treatment with gemstones

So, what is a rebalancing technique you might be asking? This is what energy workers are somewhat known for. They take the corresponding stone to the spot of the Chakra and the stone massages the chakra gently, with it energy and then an unblocking effect takes place. Normally you would want to do this to all your chakras, at the same time, so they all get a tune up at once. Whether one or all chakras are balanced or not. You would start at the root chakra and work your way up. Some people like to visualize the corresponding colored light glowing from the respectable Chakra space. You would focus on each Chakra, working all the way up to your crown Chakra. You could do a meditation during this, as well. Please, Do not get discouraged if you do not feel any different. It could take more than one way to balance them. Try the other techniques above. This is for your well being and not everything is a quick fix. Even medications are not a cure all.

If this something you would like to do and do not have the stones to help you, please stop by my shop, Sarah's Emporium 158 Main St. Spencer, MA, where we have Chakra kits that has everything you need for the do it yourself person (that's you 😉).

Different items related to chakras like books, incense and statues
Display of chakra products available at Sarah's Emporium

Happy Chakra balancing to you. Next week we look at the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras.

Until then, Bright Blessings- Sarah Petrin🌈🧚🏻‍♀️

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