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Imbolic / Brigid's Day

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Seedling sprouting out of the snowy earth
Seedling sprouting in snow

Imbolic is a time of year that we will be celebrating the beginning of spring. Saint/ Goddess Brigid is known for being associated with the spring season. She is also associated with fertility (which is something that gives way in the springtime), healing, poetry and blacksmithing. That is one of the reasons for her to be intertwined with Imbolic.

Imbolic is celebrated on Feb. 1st-2nd. It lands at about half way between, Yule (winter solstice) and the Spring Equinox (Ostara). The celebrations include feasting, Making Brigid's crosses, divination and spring cleaning.

Okay How can you celebrate Imbolic?

Well has stated above, you can have a feast of bread, winter veggies (like potatoes, carrots, turnips, beets, squash) soups and dairy products. I can imagine my feast of Chowder and crusted bread that has melted smoked cheddar,, 🤤yum. (I am fasting right now, so bare with me.)

Crafting can be done as well by way of making a Brigid cross.

I haven't made a Brigid cross in years, but it looks pretty simple to do. You could even have your kids make one, too.

Celtic Saint Brigid's cross made from  tan colored straw
Brigid Cross

A diagram on how to make Brigid Cross
Directions on making Brigid Cross

The diagram isn't to clear but you would keep going until you have 4-5 strips on each "corner" and then you tied them off.

The other things that start to get done, are your spring cleaning routines. Time to get those cobwebs out of the corners and clean under the refrigerator (yuck😱). Do not forget your gemstone buddies. They probably could use a good recharge and cleaning too. Just be careful has to how you go about cleaning them. Some like it smokey, some do not like it wet and if you are not sure, look it up. The internet is still a cool place to research these types of things. Another add-on to your spring cleaning would be to clean out items you no longer need and make room for new beginnings in your life. Such a great feeling when you can make space in your storage and donate the items to people who need them. (Do not forget animal shelters. They can totally use towels and blankets.)

WOW! I never thought I could write so much on cleaning.. Hint not my thing to do. 😏

Correspondences of the Sabbat: Imbolc

Gemstones: Red stones like garnet, bloodstone, carneline

Herbs and incense: Rosemary, cinnamon,frankincense, myrrh and basil (Does anyone else say basil in an british accent like me? No, just me... Okay then.)

And for the Witch in you: There is fire scrying (looking into a candle flame) Blessing your altar tools. Do spell work to enhance creativity and/ or take a magical purifying bath. I would suggest using herbs like Chamomile, Pennyroyal or Peppermint (be careful if you have sensitive skin with the peppermint. It can irritate.)

Anyway you celebrate always do it with love in you heart and remember this Sabbat is to celebrate the Spring to come and honor the new beginnings that are upon us.

Bright Blessings, Sarah Petrin

....and for your meditation pleasure....

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