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Deep breaths everyone...

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Neon sign laying on greenery stating breathe

Hi Folks, it has been a while since I have written a blog post. Sorry to anyone who looks forward to these weekly, now monthly literary gems.

As I had posted back in October (2020) I was taking time to research my ancestry and to tell you the truth, I haven't had a spark to write until now.

It is November 8th and we just went through a long drawn out election week, not day, but week. I do not know about you, but I was a mess. My anxiety was through the roof. I hate not having control of situations....Yep, I lost all my training I put myself through, for a moment in time. One speck called the elections threw me in a spiral.

So, How did I get myself out of this whirlwind of chaos and despair, you might be asking? Well... It took some alone time and meditation. I had to remind myself that I am in control of my reactions to what is going on, not in control of the situation that is going on.


Let me break it down a bit.

You are driving along the highway and all of a sudden there is someone cutting you off. You have 2 options:

1. You can get bent out of shape, that someone just cut in front of you and they are a jerk and then proceed to speed up to them, to confront them and start a fight or flip them off, ect.. (WOW, all that wasted energy, just to prove you will not let them cut you off,without giving them a what for, for doing the act!)

2. Or... you can take a breath. countdown from 10 (20) ... You can keep your composure and your cool by just realizing that it happened and now it is over. you had no control as to why it happened, but you do have control in how you react to it.

See, it is all in how you react to a situation. You can get overwhelmed in the moment and let it sweep you off your feet, make you mad and even depressed or you can choose to, not let it get to you, in the first place.

A white feather is taunting the hand that wants to catch it

Okay, Here is a way to get out of this feeling, if you're already feeling overwhelmed, now you are knee deep in your anxiety and overwhelmed. Now what?

First figure out if this is more than just a moment, in your present time. If not, you might want to seek a more professional person to help you. I am not. (I am just a person who goes through this stuff and wants to help) Okay now you figured that out, this can still help in tandem. Here are the ways I get myself out of my spiral of self doom. (dramatic?

  1. Journaling. Huge help! Sometimes you just need to get out what is bothering you and you don't want to talk to your family..

  2. Meditation. So many good meditation apps and youtube channels available nowadays. We also offer meditations sessions at the shop once a month with Marilyn. I like to meditate before I journal and/or do my daily tarot pulls. Meditation really helps bring you back to ground zero. Here is a link for the one I just found on youtube:

3. Think about positive things you have control of in your life. What achievements have you made in your life? Remember the choices you made are never wrong, jjust sometime you learn from them.

The whole idea is to remember you can only control you and what you do and how you react. Everything else will work out as long as you have faith it will.

Bright blessings All and keep on breathing. Sarah

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