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Crown Chakra.. out of your head into spirit.

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Stacked rocks on a hiking trail with the words spirit, soul, mind, and body.

Image of the crown chakra
The crown chakra

Last blog of the Chakra Series. Let's talk about the Crown chakra. This is the Chakra I like to think of, as the bridge to higher self, universe, angels, whatever you want to call it. This is the Chakra that helps you tap into the infinite knowledge of peace, serenity and joy. The body parts affected by this Chakra being out of balance are: Pituitary gland, pineal gland, upper part of your brain.

How can you tell when your Crown Chakra is out of balance? You could have any of these signs: Depression, listlessness, loss of faith, anxiety, spiritual negation, dissatisfaction of life. I can't help but think this hits home to a lot of you. There has been a huge disconnect in these past 10 years or more. We have shunned our own beliefs. I am not talking about religion or spiritual. I am talking beliefs in ourselves. I have never seen so many beings unsure of themselves in all my life time, then right now. I see people walking around in real life, with their heads down and attention on their electronic devices. Looking for approval on whatever you kids are on these days, snap shot, face twitch, tik tok clock? ( 😏 Don't message me, I know what they are.)

Real life example:

I have fallen guilty of this myself, as I make my way to promoting my shop and looking for like minded people. I want my world to succeed and the only way to do that is to get a following... right? Yes and No. Having 1 million people like your stuff on the internet, DOES NOT mean you are liked in person. I had a jewelry business on facebook for years. I signed up to get more likes to have more followers to date I have 3,000 plus likes. Know how many of those likes bought any of my jewelry?... none. This is when I realized that having all these followers means nothing. What you bring to your table of life, in real life, is what matters. I can say that most of my guests, in my shop, keep coming back because of who I am in person.

Okay rant/life lesson over from me. These issues are happening. How can you clear your Crown Chakra and get it back in alignment? Eating foods that are pure and unaltered, meaning raw foods that are grown organically and hopefully not genetically modified. This is a hard no to some so I wouldn't get to upset if your not able to do this. (I love junk food and pasta, so...I ge it. ) Meditation is a great way to unblock this Chakra. I would suggest a guided meditation, if your not use to meditating on your own, You can also journal, voice record yourself. I do this on rides home, when I need to vent about a rough day, but don't want to spew all my crap out to my loved one. There also a rebalancing technique you can do with stones. The stone to use for your Crown Chakra are: Clear quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, Sugilite, Opalite and other mostly clear stones.

So, what is a rebalancing technique you might be asking? This is what energy workers are somewhat known for. They take the corresponding stone to the spot of the Chakra and the stone massages the chakra gently, with it energy and then an unblocking effect takes place. Normally you would want to do this to all your chakras, at the same time, so they all get a tune up at once. Whether one or all chakras are balanced or not. You would start at the root chakra and work your way up. Some people like to visualize the corresponding colored light glowing from the respectable Chakra space. You would focus on each Chakra, working all the way up to your crown Chakra. You could do a meditation during this, as well. Please, Do not get discouraged if you do not feel any different. It could take more than one way to balance them. Try the other techniques above. This is for your well being and not everything is a quick fix. Even medications are not a cure all.

If this something you would like to do and do not have the stones to help you, please stop by my shop, Sarah's Emporium 158 Main St. Spencer, MA,

What do you think? Did I help explain the Chakras for you? Would you like to learn more? In person?

Until next time, Be well, Be kind and Be in the real world.

Bright Blessings, Sarah

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