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Cosmic Wonder

Have you ever had that sense of knowing without ever researching a topic or ever knowing what the actual terminology was, of something you thought you had no knowledge about? If your like me, you have. I have this sense about me with a lot of things, but this article is about the cosmos. I have always been drawn to the other universes as the fact is: We are not the only planet with life. (life being a single organism) Mars is another planet with life on it. What if there is life on the others?

I wonder if there was an experiment of some sorts, like when I was trying to grow "wildflowers" in the wooded lining near my house. I took my "wild seed mix and sprinkled them all over hope something would stick. 😏 Well my experiment didn't produce anything, but who ever "planted" the seed of life in our solar system, did. I am not saying we are not a miracle, we are, all life on this rock is. I am saying we came from something...

I could only imagine how it could have been if we evolved up on Mars. A very interesting life we would have. I mean think of the way we would look and what other animals would have evolved as. WE might still be a single cell organism, like the one they found on Mars (That could be our cousin, 3 zillion times removed) This thought is why I believe we are not the only "intelligent" life forms around the universe. Mind you, I am not one to research things that have been by other folks. I would suggest watching "Unacknowledged". Great documentary on UFO recoveries and government cover ups. It was on Netflix when I watched, but could be gone by now. (netflix always changing their stuff 😑)

There is this connection we all hold together. Not just on this planet, but all planets, galaxies and universes. There is a way we connect to our higher self that can also help us tap into these other worlds. The psychics and mediums call them guides, spirits or angels. It is a source, energy, which is what keeps us going. Your heart pumps because of electric pulses, without any other interactions from outside forces. How can that be? Maybe we share the same energy waves. Maybe there are other forces and we are just starting to realize it. What if they were other beings from the other side of this universe? What if it was "Aliens" that planted the seed? So wild huh?

Okay so I am curious as to what YOU think? I am not interested in hard core evidence. I get enough facts thrown at me by Facebook folks. I want to know what you think and feel about, not being the only living life form in the whole existence, of this dimension? (oh ya, there is more that one, but that's another day)

Bright Blessing, Sarah Petrin

Enjoy this GIF. It is super trancing. .. great for exploring your thoughts. (meditating)

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