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Updated: Jul 29, 2023

Black and white photo of 2 mid twenties people hugging each other one is shorter than the other and puts their head on the others chest.

Today is free hugs day. Not with me though, I don't like hugging people (yes that is a lie) I was doing a short yoga session with my favorite yoga person on YouTube #yogawithadriene and in the routine she had us hug ourselves. What a great feeling. I know it was for back stretching but, how good is it to get a genuine hug from someone who cares about you. Yes, you heard me right. You are the number one person, who should always be caring about yourself. That old saying comes to mind: "You can't fill someone else's cup, if your cup is empty." It is an old saying and still rings true today. Take some time out for yourself even for a moment. Go for a walk, drink a cup of coffee on the porch, do a 2 min meditation session. Take a bath. Give yourself a hug. Just remember that this moment you take for yourself is just that, for yourself. No thinking about bill's, the kids, grandma and her kittens (🤷‍♀️), just you.

I know most of you are thinking , "How selfish". It's okay. Everyone needs their own time to getaway. If you are a parent, Don't you send your child to their room, when they are having a fit? You give them their moment to calm down and gather their thoughts. Why can't you do that for yourself?

Another moment I had today was during meditation time. Where the guide had us covered under a canopy of a tree and our inner soul was releasing whatever stress we had out in a field, getting rained on ( I hate getting rained on by the way. 😼) At the end he had us imagine our inner soul hugging ourselves, to close out the cleansing of whatever we needed to release and finish the meditation. Wow! How amazing!? Again because you can give yourself a "hug", and take that moment you can help take care of yourself, you will find your less stressed and can help others more.

Need help unwinding? Try one of these meditations from It's a free app in google apps store. I have no affiliation with them. I just like them so much and You know what? You deserve it.

Here is to filling your cup. Bright Blessings, Sarah Petrin

2 people embraced with a happy hug.
Happy embrace

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