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Zodiac Bracelets

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Every bracelet is made with Czech fire-polish glass beads 6mm faceted round with an antiqued gold- brass "box" clasp. The charm is made of antiqued brass as well. The zodiacs accually flow through 2 months at a time, so there are some charts to help you find the right zodiac to match the birth month your are looking for. When you see these at the events, the bracelets are premade with the month that the Zodiacs are in the most. (You can see an example, in the photos)

*Please note we will only be able to put 1 of the 2 choices of zodiac on each bracelet. *Please no mix and matching.

Example: Month December, Zodiacs can only be Sagittarius or Capricorn. 

What Zodiac charm would you like to have on your bracelet?

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