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Week ahead March 2nd 2020 Tarot Reading

Posted by sarahp on March 1, 2020 at 4:35 PM
Tarot Reading for the collective Date March 2nd 2020 Deck is #The Labyrinth Tarot by Luis Royo

Monday, the 7 of cups You are very full of hope and feeling good for a monday. Almost like you have a sense of a fresh start. 

Tuesday, The 6 of pentacles: You are feeling generous and want to help others around you.  Stilling feeling hopefull from Monday.

Wednesday, the Death card. Looks like hump day is going to be bringing on some heavy stuff. You are going to be taking another look at what is going on in your life. Time for change. You are feeling stagnation in your current situation. Could be your job. The hopes and generousity of the previous days were just your inner hopes, something will change, but this card is showing that it will always stay the same and it is time for you to change what is going on, because no one else will to it for you.

Thursday, 2 of swords, Time to make a pro and con list on your situation. Doesn't look like, how you are feeling about, that your current situation is going to blow over. 

Friday, The High Preist, Find comfort in someone who will understand your situation. Confide in someone who is unbias and will be able to help you look at your situation in another light. This person will have had years of knowledge and expierance. 

 Saturday and Sunday, Justice. You will feel better after you speak to someone about your situation. A sense having harmony in your mind,  that balance and reassurance will be showing you that, you deserve fairness with your situation. As where you thought you were being treated unfairly. 

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