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Tarot reading 2-09-2020

Posted by sarahp on February 12, 2020 at 6:15 AM

Week ahead 2-9-2020 Tarot and Oracle card reading

Monday, the past, nine of wands reverse.

Worn out the last of your energies. Feeling of the efforts made by you were all for not. Take a step back and recoup today to move on

Tuesday, the present, the fool

Let go of things that hold you back. Purity of the card give you a glimpse of hope on embracing the new.

Wednesday, hidden influences/Hope's, fears, expectations, the empress

Positive creative growth, overabundance of joy.

Thursday, obstacles to overcome/areas of conflict, ace of cups reversed

You are feeling like the environment around you is a vacuum emotionally. People around you will seem distracted and uncaring. Take care on keeping you distance with these folks today.

Friday, the environment/outside influences, two of pentacle reversed

Multitude of tasks and deadlines may wear you down. You may feel tension and stress from attempting to manage your affairs and begin to get irritated with those around you.

Saturday, what should be done, the high priestess

Good time to meditate. Look into your intuition and plan out the next step in your goals for this year. Believe in your intuition like the High priestess, stand firm in your logic and allow your intuition to guide you.

Sunday, possible outcome, Queen of swords reversed

Dont let your tasks from Friday take you down the road of lack of caring of your family and yourself. Keep communication open with your family and friends and remember to be compassionate to their needs too. If you need help with any issues yourself, reach out for help. Be easy on yourself. This to shall pass.

Oracle Garden Dragons for the week. 2 popped out this week.

Corn Dragon Friends, reminding us of community and family are what sustain us.

Carrot Dragon Observe, Watch with clear eyes. Study your surroundings and mark any significant changes. Extended your senses outwards. Contemplate how you affect your world. This is a great direction for your meditation sessions..

Chakra card for this week, Peace

 This card reminds you that peace is available to you in each moment. Peace lives with in you. Your life may be feeling out of control and full of stress and it is time to stop for a moment and recognize and deeply connect with the peace that lies with in you. Meditation, taking a walk in nature, sitting in stillness can help you invoke the peacefulness that is within you.

Affirmation to repeat during meditation: Peace exists in each moment and within every cell of my being.


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