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This is a place to log: New crafting projects, my veiws of events that I sell at or just scope out. Tarot readings and Thoughts.

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Week ahead 3-9-2020

Posted by sarahp on March 8, 2020 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Week ahead 3-9-2020

Garden Dragon card. Theme of the week: Radish Dragon, Growth. Rapid growth is a promise for any project you start now. Do not underestimate your own need for speed here. Let your ideas fall on fertile soil. Do not waste your energy on thing that do not take root.

Chakra card. What Charka should be the focus for this month? Crown Charka, specifically Peace. Peace is available to at each moment. Peace lies within you. Sitting with the peacefulness of your being will bring about deep healing on many levels. Meditation and/or nature walks can help bring this to fruition.

Affirmation: Peace exists in each moment and within every cell of my being.


3 card weekly tarot spread with Revelations Tarot:


The fool in reverse, for Mon and Tuesday: In decision, worry, people behind falling away. Be careful of leaping into any big risks, take a moment to think about the situation before acting on impulse.



The Death in reverse, for Wed, and Thursday: Rebirth from the flames. The beginning of a new path. Future looks brighter than it did before as something new as come into your life. New hope will bring in slow and steady growth of something better.



The 10 of sword in reverse for Friday Saturday and Sunday: Defiance of such a defeat the only way to go from here is up. How will you perceive this situation and what will you take from it?


Summary: Take heed on Monday and Tuesday this week, Do not make a rash decisions, take some time to think possibilities through, be thorough and you should be able to concur your worries, of if your decision is the right one or not. Wednesday and Thursday are refreshing days as you are feeling better about new decisions and paths. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be rude awakenings. Look within yourself and really think about the situation and wonder if there was anything you can learn from it. What is done is done and there is no way to take it back, but we can all learn from the past issues.



Week ahead March 2nd 2020 Tarot Reading

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Tarot Reading for the collective Date March 2nd 2020 Deck is #The Labyrinth Tarot by Luis Royo

Monday, the 7 of cups You are very full of hope and feeling good for a monday. Almost like you have a sense of a fresh start. 

Tuesday, The 6 of pentacles: You are feeling generous and want to help others around you.  Stilling feeling hopefull from Monday.

Wednesday, the Death card. Looks like hump day is going to be bringing on some heavy stuff. You are going to be taking another look at what is going on in your life. Time for change. You are feeling stagnation in your current situation. Could be your job. The hopes and generousity of the previous days were just your inner hopes, something will change, but this card is showing that it will always stay the same and it is time for you to change what is going on, because no one else will to it for you.

Thursday, 2 of swords, Time to make a pro and con list on your situation. Doesn't look like, how you are feeling about, that your current situation is going to blow over. 

Friday, The High Preist, Find comfort in someone who will understand your situation. Confide in someone who is unbias and will be able to help you look at your situation in another light. This person will have had years of knowledge and expierance. 

 Saturday and Sunday, Justice. You will feel better after you speak to someone about your situation. A sense having harmony in your mind,  that balance and reassurance will be showing you that, you deserve fairness with your situation. As where you thought you were being treated unfairly. 

Feb. 2020

Posted by sarahp on March 1, 2020 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Happy Belated Imbolic!


That is why there is a delay with website updates and any other social media posts. I spent the majority of my Imbolc in solitude and reflection. Only parting my time away to work and grocery shopping. Meditated on trying to be patient, let things flow naturally and take care of family and self.






There are many things in the works here at the home front. I have been working with my love on homesteading ideas and we are motivated on hustling towards even more livestock. We are also creating a studio for yours truly. �� That in the future the studio will be opened to the public part time! These are major steps in the dream of being self reliant.




I have also been working on my intuition and giving tarot reading a go. Hopefully I will get brave to start readings this year. �������� hint hint....


Anyone want collective readings? I was thinking of doing a monthy Tarot reading for the group. I will have a Facebook post and link to my blog page when they are posted. I hope to get somekind of schedule down in the future, but for now, I need to let it flow.. ����



I will still be posting Handmade Jewelry from Etsy on here so everyone who has become a member will have a chance to see the latest works available, on Etsy.




My hope is to use this site as a journal though my crafts and events. Finding my way making this my full time adventure.The Fairydust Necklaces and Zodiac Bracelet will still be available on this site, as well as Etsy.



This site is the catalyst to selling more items that I have to offer that are not made by me, but interests that I have and want to share with the world. New items will be plugged in on a monthly bases or when I can take proper pictures.

Tarot reading 2-09-2020

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Week ahead 2-9-2020 Tarot and Oracle card reading

Monday, the past, nine of wands reverse.

Worn out the last of your energies. Feeling of the efforts made by you were all for not. Take a step back and recoup today to move on

Tuesday, the present, the fool

Let go of things that hold you back. Purity of the card give you a glimpse of hope on embracing the new.

Wednesday, hidden influences/Hope's, fears, expectations, the empress

Positive creative growth, overabundance of joy.

Thursday, obstacles to overcome/areas of conflict, ace of cups reversed

You are feeling like the environment around you is a vacuum emotionally. People around you will seem distracted and uncaring. Take care on keeping you distance with these folks today.

Friday, the environment/outside influences, two of pentacle reversed

Multitude of tasks and deadlines may wear you down. You may feel tension and stress from attempting to manage your affairs and begin to get irritated with those around you.

Saturday, what should be done, the high priestess

Good time to meditate. Look into your intuition and plan out the next step in your goals for this year. Believe in your intuition like the High priestess, stand firm in your logic and allow your intuition to guide you.

Sunday, possible outcome, Queen of swords reversed

Dont let your tasks from Friday take you down the road of lack of caring of your family and yourself. Keep communication open with your family and friends and remember to be compassionate to their needs too. If you need help with any issues yourself, reach out for help. Be easy on yourself. This to shall pass.

Oracle Garden Dragons for the week. 2 popped out this week.

Corn Dragon Friends, reminding us of community and family are what sustain us.

Carrot Dragon Observe, Watch with clear eyes. Study your surroundings and mark any significant changes. Extended your senses outwards. Contemplate how you affect your world. This is a great direction for your meditation sessions..

Chakra card for this week, Peace

 This card reminds you that peace is available to you in each moment. Peace lives with in you. Your life may be feeling out of control and full of stress and it is time to stop for a moment and recognize and deeply connect with the peace that lies with in you. Meditation, taking a walk in nature, sitting in stillness can help you invoke the peacefulness that is within you.

Affirmation to repeat during meditation: Peace exists in each moment and within every cell of my being.