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Why I love what I do.

    I have always struggled with general art.  My brother is a natural with almost all mediums of art, but I am not.  I found myself drawn to making jewelry.  It started out small, just as a hobby.  I love looking for ideas in catalogs and online.  My best pieces though, come from my Aha!, moments. Those are the days when I will be in my studio, working all day on endless pieces.  Ideas just flowing through me to my works of art.  When the day is done, I look around and just sigh with contentment.  =) Now that I have done a few custom pieces for some of my clients. It gives me joy and pride to see or hear how happy they are with their one of a kind pieces of jewelry. And I would not change that feeling for anything in the world.
 -Sarah Petrin

Who We Are

Sarah’s Emporium is providing a unique everyday staple items and gift giving experience. When you come into the shop you are greeted with a friendly smile, music playing and shelves of mostly American made gifts. Hand selected by Sarah Petrin to give you the latest and best quality in gift and basic items. The items always updated frequently, with the changing of vendors and finding up and coming artists. You will never what to have FOMO and will come in more than once a month. Items to be on the look for are: apparel, candles, household products, jewelry and accessories, children toys, herbs, tapestries, organic items, local artists and mostly American made.

Sarah’s Emporium will also host space for services like Tarot reading, Reiki Energy healing and other modalities. You will have to check back as to what is available in the future.

Sarah’s Emporium will supply tools and ingredients necessary for herbal healing and spell work. Sarah Petrin has been attending courses on herbal studies so she can better familiarize herself in the studies. She wants to give the best knowledge she can to help you find the herb that will work for you, even if she is not a licensed medical practitioner. Classes will be available in the future to learn how to make your family special holiday gifts with herbs. Stay tuned for details on when during the holiday season.

Sarah’s Emporium has unique one of a kind jewelry made by Sarah Petrin. You can see Sarah working on a custom order while you are shopping for a unique gift.

Have trouble with wrapping gifts around the holidays? Well, we are here to help you! For an extra small fee, we will wrap up your gifts that you purchase at the store. Many colors and styles to choose from to make it personal as possible, for your loved one.

These gifts and services that Sarah’s Emporium is providing are particularly important in this time of our existence. Our guests trust is being shattered everyday with cheap products that are made by other countries. Sarah Petrin has been in retail for 20 years (hard to believe that she started at the age of 1 year old) and in this time she has seen lead in toys and other children’s products, poison in dog food, body wash with plastic beads that are now in the ocean and in our food ( if you eat fish). The list can go on, but the point is we as consumers are tired of seeing other consumers and the environment suffer with cheap ways to make fast money. Sarah’s Emporium wants to share our knowledge, about making things ourselves and know what we are putting into it. 

The hope is to rebuild America and earn the trust the retailers should be getting, by giving you the best there is to offer, with one great, little American company, Sarah’s Emporium.


My Favorite Quote:

"If you're afraid of trying something new, the discomfort you're feeling is not a signal to retreat. It's actually a sign that you're on the right track. It means you're putting yourself out in the world. And the process of stepping forward is an honorable one. So this petrified feeling you have? It's a badge of honor."
 - Donna Penoyer

I love this picture! It is the way I can perceive myself some days. I like bright colors and in my youth I would wear tie dye and purple doc martens. Also I like Heavy metal music, gothic decor and have had my hair black. I love the mish mash that I have become and love the transition that each and everyone of us can do with our style. That is why I like to make unique pieces of jewelry and hair accessories. For whatever style or mood you might be in, I hope I have, or can, make something special for you.  -Sarah Petrin